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Senior Care: What Does a Life Care Manager Do?

At Homespire, Life Care Managers (LCMs) are a key resource for helping clients and families break the roller coaster of crisis that so many people face. As highly skilled and trained registered nurses, Homespire’s LCMs play a pivotal role in providing an extensive range of support, guidance, and connection that empowers people to not only achieve but also maintain the control and independence that is so important to them. Each Homespire client is matched with a dedicated LCM who works closely with them using Homespire’s holistic, proactive approach called the Homespire Experience.

This unique role is a blend of geriatric care management, nursing, and personal concierge. The reality is that each client and family situation is different so the set of services delivered by each LCM is individually tailored to the client. In short, the Homespire Experience is personally tailored to you building in what you need and want. Want more control? You’ve got it. Prefer to be guided? You’ve got it. Want to focus on getting back to your volunteer role? Or maybe you want to just be able to travel to visit family? Your plan will focus on what’s important to you.

eldercareWithin that personalized framework then, Homespire LCMs provide an extensive range of support, guidance and connection:

Proactive planning:

  • Oversight of Life Plan, including managing and implementing with the care team
  • Anticipates changing needs and strategically plans with client to address them to prevent crises

Health & Wellbeing:

  • Health status/wellness checks, regularly checking vital signs
  • Communicate and coordinate with physician
  • Interpretation and implementation of physician orders
  • Dressing changes
  • Assist managing complex and/or chronic health needs, especially when skilled care (Medicare home health) is complete; can assist with the need for frequent assessments, physician calls, medication coordination, Life Plan changes, and caregiver competencies

Protect/promote client independence and control:

  • Assistance identifying and then creating plan to achieve goals

Medication management:

  • Medication set up, coordination, and medication administration oversight

Caregiving oversight:

  • Coordinates, oversees and is accountable for any caregiving services involved, including supervising and training caregivers

Central communication:

  • Coordinates, communicates and works with client, family and any other resources working with the client
  • Central contact for any and all questions by family and client, especially families living at a distance
  • Facilitates family meetings and planning for client

Meals & nutrition:

  • Counsels and assists with planning/coordinating meals, nutrition, grocery shopping


  • Assists with transportation for any type of activity
  • Coordinates transportation for any activity, including accompanying to physician appointments


  • Advocates for client with other resources and services
  • Provides insight and information to help client/family make informed decisions


  • Navigates complex health and community service systems
  • Helps identify, arrange and coordinate other resources to connect with reliable resources

Living options and relocation:

  • Assists with any relocation, including tours and move coordination
  • Assesses and analyzes living options to help identify ‘best fit’ options

Home and safety:

  • Helps with planning and coordinating resources for seasonal needs – yard work, home cleaning, snow/leaf removal, decorating, etc.
  • Identify and address any home safety concerns

Social support:

  • Assists client in maintaining social activities and hobbies

Client and family support:

  • Available 24/7 for concerns or problems that arise
  • Helps troubleshoot changes and challenges
  • Connects to reliable resources
  • Provides ongoing education and guidance

In short, Homespire LCMs do all these things to work with you and your family to help you break the roller coaster of health care crises that can rob you of your choices, independence and control as well as your wellbeing. And they work with you to help you build a path to what is most meaningful in your life, so you are living a sparked life. RC swoosh icon_6.28.16

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