Will A New Direction in Healthcare Shift The Way You Nurse?

Pioneering the Future of Nursing

“We’ve seen the need to help our elderly loved ones live life with purpose and passion. We think we are succeeding just by keeping people out of the hospital. That’s huge and extremely important but at what expense sometimes? Keeping them out of the hospital is a win, but are seniors spending the rest of the day in front of the television when they’d rather be doing something else? Or on narcotics sleeping the day away?” Homespire’s general manager shared these thoughts with care managers, nurses, and healthcare leaders at Intermountain’s Care Management conference. The inspiring presentation struck a chord with those listening – is it enough to just keep people out of the hospital? Is it enough to just do our job and nothing more? It had people thinking why they went into the healthcare or nursing field to begin with. Are you creating the change you want? Are you making a difference in your profession?

This thought-provoking conversation comes on the heels of Homespire CEO Joel Theisen, RN, being featured on the front cover of the September issue of HomeCare Magazine. Joel highlights his case for why a whole person model for senior care is changing the direction for care management, adding ‘using only a medical management approach to health care misses the mark’—for those receiving care, for the system, and for you in the healthcare field.

In the article, Liz Carey points out, ‘what may come of this new care model is a potential shift in the role of nurses toward developing an outcomes-based health care system.’ What exactly does it mean to be nursing in an outcome-based health care system? Is this potential nursing shift just healthcare jargon? Another trendy buzzword? White noise in the language of healthcare? Or can nursing in an outcome-based world really make a difference in how you nurse?

We ask these questions to get you thinking deeper about your own career and how you connect with the clients you serve. But as the Homespire team pointed out, is it enough to just have passion for your job if you can’t nurse the way you want? For many Nurse Care Managers  it is. They get to go beyond traditional home care and build trusting relationships with his clients and their families, like Mary’s son Mike, who shares how their nurse has helped his mother age in place after a health crisis without any further hospitalizations or falls, helping her live the life she wants. It’s one of the benefits of a whole person approach leading Homespire nurses to believe this model is ‘the frosting on their nursing career.’

“By working from a person’s point of view, looking at the holistic, looking at the long term, making sure they can get the resources they need…is really the answer to the future,” said Joel. And it’s exactly what Nurse Care Managers (registered nurses) at Homespire get to create – experiences that inspire people to live healthier, more independent lives – with the freedom to follow each senior across the continuum and keep them out of the hospital living purposeful, passionate lives – it’s what Homespire nurses get to do every day for their clients.

How do we know this model is producing the outcomes pointed out in HomeCare Magazine? And why does it make a difference to you? Watch Mary’s face as she engages with her Life Care Manager. Or read the story of Homespire’s first client, Clark Phelps, who shares why he believes this approach is the missing link in senior care. Both are inspiring examples of what the future of nursing in an outcomes-based world means for you, and most importantly, the clients we serve.

These are exciting times for nurses who are pioneering what that future looks like. As the shift in the role of nurses continues, what do you hope to see? And if you’re not seeing it in your own career, check us out, we’re hiring!