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Client Stories

A Wish Paints the Homespire Picture

Kaye-Getty-glowingKaye has a passion for painting. Just check her apartment where several of her artworks are displayed. Yet during the last few years, as pain from arthritis overwhelmed her, her life became more focused on medications and options for controlling pain than on pursuing her hobby.

For many years, her nurse administered daily pain regimens and offered support where needed. There wasn’t much time for emotional or spiritual support. Her visits were focused on Kaye’s physical health issues and nothing else. It wasn’t until her nurse became a Nurse Care Manager NCM) to provide the whole person senior care approach on the campus where Kaye lived that she began to dig deeper into understanding who Kaye was as an individual.

This whole-person approach helped Kaye’s NCM discover that Kaye’s pain existed in more ways than just physical. Inside Kaye was a woman who still desired to paint but had settled for the paintings that surrounded her as reminders of a life once filled with joy. It was time to help encourage Kaye to seek the spark and move beyond just keeping her pain and health issues under control and ignite her passion for painting once again.

Her Nurse Care Manager suggested Kaye hold an art show to share her paintings with the community. With this one single idea, Kaye was transformed. Instead of sitting in her room focused on the pain, she was preparing for the show, getting excited about the guest list, and seeking every opportunity to talk about art with her friends. Her pain was barely in her mind as her energy was refocused on her passion: her art.

At the art show , Kaye beamed as she welcomed guests from the local community as well as from her senior living campus. People asked her questions about each picture: ‘how did she paint this scene,’ ‘what were her favorite media,’ ‘where were you when you painted this.’ The day was about Kaye, the artist, not the client who suffered from pain. Homespire NCMs know that helping people involves more than just addressing physical health issues. The true identity and passion of each individual is what makes them feel alive. The art show sparked Kaye and she was proud of what she accomplished. Even better, after the paintings were put away, Kaye picked up her brush and asked her NCM to help her paint again. Now, there’s no stopping her.

Paint On, Kaye!

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