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Client Stories

Turning Life Into a Smooth Cruise

Sail on! Dream Rally WishWhen Bob and his wife Meg were referred for help, their physician felt every day was a struggle for them. On the roller coaster of crises, Meg had been in and out of the hospital multiple times, with each hospitalization adding to their mounting health care costs and emotional trauma while slowly robbing Meg of her independence and well-being. As her primary caregiver, Bob’s own stress level was very high and his health at risk.

While Bob wanted to help his wife, he wasn’t in a position to care for her intense medical needs nor was he able to be a housekeeper and cook. Every ounce of energy they had was focused solely on Meg’s medical care and basic survival – it took over their entire life. They were so focused on just “getting by” every day, that any thoughts of enjoying life and igniting their purpose were gone.

Their Nurse Care Manager, a registered nurse, started by looking at the whole picture, using the Homespire Experience™ as her guide. That process enabled her to look at Bob and Meg’s life across all seven elements of wellbeing, helping them discover priorities that could be woven into a Life Plan.

First, though, they needed to address the two immediate priorities: treating Meg’s acute health needs and arranging for help to prepare meals and take care of the house. That worked to alleviate the daily pressure points, but it wasn’t enough  . . . to eliminate the roller coaster of crisis and spark their lives.

With an emphasis on proactive guidance and regular interactions, Bob and Meg’s Nurse Care Manager was able to catch little issues early before they became major crises. The end result? Meg has NOT been back in the hospital.

With Meg improving and health care crises no longer taking center stage in their life, they could focus on what was meaningful in their lives. Their spark was igniting.

Bob began opening up and sharing stories about their life and the things that they once enjoyed. He shared his unbridled passion for sailing! He loved the wind in his face, the speed of the boat, and the feeling of peace. As he talked about sailing, his face lit up with excitement. He explained, “I’m not able to do it anymore because it’s too hard for me to get in and out of the boat, but I sure did love it!” He had long given up hope of getting on a sailboat again, and lamented the lost opportunity to share his passion for sailing with his 13-year-old grandson.

Bob’s and Meg’s story demonstrates how going deeper, and using a whole-person approach goes above and beyond other traditional private-pay home care services to bring purpose and passion into the plan.

What did they do? They ignited his spark – Bob’s Nurse Care Manager made arrangements to get Bob back sailing with his grandson. Bob’s words said it best: “I never thought that I’d get on a sailboat again.” It just goes to show that anything is possible with whole person senior care at the other end.

Sail On, Bob, Sail On!

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