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Client Stories

Touched By The Power of Faith

Harriet at ChurchHarriet Mundale was searching for something. Her brilliant, beautiful smile was often followed by tears as she remembered sad times and the loss of family and friends. Harriet was withdrawn, preferred to be isolated from others, and according to her Nurse Care Manager (NCM), a registered nurse, didn’t seem to enjoy group activities or interacting. It was challenging finding special ways to gain Harriet’s interest. There was one thing her NCM noticed – each time Harriet attended evening worship at the senior living campus where she lived, a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

During these worship sessions Harriet gained a sense of peace and joy. And she was animated whenever she reminisced about a church she attended as a child and young adult. Never missing a Sunday service, she married her husband there, and was a member until she and her husband moved. But what truly sparked her soul was listening to the magnificent pipe organ.

Her Nurse Care Manager arranged a trip for Harriet to her church for Sunday mass. The moment Harriet stepped into the church she was greeted by a few familiar faces with a warm welcome from the pastor, organist and other parishioners. It was like being home again. She sat in the pew as she did for so many years and listened once again to the glorious pipe organ music. When Harriet walked up to receive Communion, tears of joy ran down her face, and the memories of her past came flooding back. That’s all it took to spark something deep within Harriet that she thought was long gone.

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