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Learn more about Homespire and our Life Experience program. Can’t find an answer to what you’re looking for? Call us at 801-503-3210 or email ShineOn@lifespark.com

Q: What is the Homespire Experience model?

The Homespire Experience™ is a model we created to help people live life fully on their terms and maintain independence, purpose, and their spark. What’s special is how it blends the purple passion of our employees with a proven process that empowers you to enjoy a purposeful, passionate life. Our Homespire Experience™ has seven key steps:

  1. Discover: Explore our 7 Elements of wellbeing to evaluate all areas of your life
  2. Prioritize: Identify personal goals to prioritize your needs and wants
  3. Create: Design a customized Life Plan to achieve your priorities
  4. Empower: Tap our team, insights and best practices
  5. Ignite: Connect with our trusted 7 Element partners to bring your Life Plan alive
  6. Measure: Enjoy the results and satisfaction of accomplishing your priorities
  7. SHINE ON!

Q: What kind of company is Homespire?

Homespire is a whole person senior care company serving the Davis, Salt Lake, Weber, and Utah counties of Utah. Homespire is a Lifespark company whose focus is on sparking the lives of seniors with a holistic approach to nurse care management by helping them refocus their energies away from health issues towards their purpose and passion so they can live healthier and happier lives. Through our Homespire Experience™, we deliver whole person senior care that dramatically reduces ER visits by 52% and hospital visits 73%. As a premium home care provider, we’re simply the best in the industry at providing short and long-term care when a senior needs it most.

For over two decades, our leaders have been award-winning pioneers and innovators in the home care industry. At Homespire, we put everything we have – our people, passion and purpose – into delivering state-of-the-art solutions that improve quality of life for seniors.


Q: Why is the Homespire Experience™ important?

Seniors experience other life challenges beyond the physical ones. When left unchecked, they too, can lead to frequent ER visits and hospitalization. That’s why Intermountain Healthcare partnered with Lifespark to bring their innovative model to Utah. The Homespire Experience™ – a whole person senior care solution – is personalized to address the uniqueness of each individual. This proprietary approach is transforming the industry with unparalleled results. That translates into significantly lower long-term costs for clients and the system. Plus, Lifespark has one of the highest client satisfaction and team retention ratings in the industry.


Q: What makes Homespire different than other home care providers?

We go beyond other home care providers to deliver a different experience – one that’s person-centered and embraces the 7 elements of wellbeing. We create a Life Plan based on your priorities and how much help you want with your Life Plan. Then we work to remove distractions that get in the way of living with more purpose, passion and joy. The end result: you shine . . . and so does everyone around you.

And as a Lifespark company, we can help you coordinate and integrate any Intermountain service as well as other community resources into your Life Plan for a seamless experience of care.


Q: What is a sparked life? What does it mean?

Life is what you make of it. That’s why Homespire has made it our mission to help seniors make the most of theirs. Homespire is for those who choose to stay in control, demand the very best care and advocacy, and refuse to retire on life.

Our Homespire Experience model is designed to listen and discover what is most important to you holistically, and deliver on your goals. When we build a trusted partnership with you and your family, we’re able to bring out your passion and spirit – something we call living a “sparked life.”

We’ve seen too many people in the second half of life on a roller coaster of health crises that robs them of control, opportunities and independence. That robs us of their wisdom, laughter and presence. That’s just not acceptable, and we’ve made it our passion to change that experience. Homespire is about opportunities. We start with where you are and with what is most meaningful to you. Our proprietary Homespire Experience™ provides proactive guidance to give you just the right level of support to SHINE the way you want according to YOUR goals. That’s the spark!

People turn to us for many reasons – you may want to connect more with family or find a volunteer opportunity; you may be in the midst of health care crisis or looking to rekindle your favorite hobby; you may be wondering what’s next with your life or career; you may be looking for more meaning, or just want to proactively protect your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, the result is the same. You SHINE, just the way you want. And we all win! That’s living a sparked life.


Q: Do you have references that I can speak with?

Yes. Homespire has built a strong reputation and believes the best way for our potential customers to learn about us is through our past and existing customers. Please let your Nurse Care professional know and he/she will provide you with a list of references at your request.


Q: Are you a home care company?

Yes, we provide in-home senior care service for short and long-term car. But that’s just the beginning.

For over two decades, our leaders have been award-winning pioneers and innovators in the home care industry. What they’ve found is that home care alone doesn’t break the roller coaster of crises. To spark lives, we need to go beyond home care. Our whole person senior care approach goes beyond transactional care to help you refocus your energies away from the medical issues and toward living healthier and happier.


Q: How are Homespire services paid for?

Homespire bills you or your designee for services rendered. Your Nurse Care Manager will review the service rates and billing procedures to ensure your complete understanding. Our services are generally paid for on a private-pay basis and in most cases, long-term care insurance covers programs like Homespire. Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for services provided by Homespire. Depending on what level of services you decide are best for you, we’ll bill you weekly, or monthly.


Q: Can Homespire services be provided in a skilled nursing or assisted living community?

Yes, through our personalized approach, Homespire provides services in any setting you call home including a nursing home, assisted living community, or other setting.


Q: How are the services that I receive from Homespie monitored or regulated?

Homespire makes our customers’ satisfaction a priority. Our “voice of the customer program” consists of regular phone surveys, as well as in person meetings to our clients to assess satisfaction in a number of critical areas. In addition, we have invested in ongoing measurement of Homespire results for clients including reducing ER and hospital visits. Check out our latest results.

Homespire is a licensed Utah home care company, and subject to regulatory oversight by the Utah Department of Health Services. As an Intermountain Healthcare company has a Board of Directors that oversees its performance.


Q: What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a Homespire service?

We simply ask that you call the office two hours prior to the scheduled service. You can ask to speak with your staffing specialist or the General Manager. We request that you speak to someone in person, and not leave a voicemail as we do not want to send an employee to your home when you have cancelled the service.


Q: What happens if my caregiver is sick?

Homespire has the commitment, resources and systems that enable us to guarantee a replacement. We have Homespire staff on call 24-hours every day to ensure we are always available to provide the services to you as promised.


Q: Can I offer a gift or tip to a Homespire employee for excellent service?

At Homespire, we have a strict “no tipping and gift” policy. All employees are thoroughly trained on this issue and are expected to comply with this policy. Homespire offers many opportunities to recognize employees throughout the year and it is our responsibility to reward excellent service on your behalf. If you want someone to be recognized, please call or write Homespire’s General Manager.


Q: What do I do if the caregiver provided does not meet my expectations?

Our goal is to ensure you and your loved ones are 100% satisfied. If the match is not good, we will work with you until we all achieve a great fit. We will work hard to ensure we find the caregivers that work the best for you.


Q: What do I do if my Life Care Manager does not meet my expectations?

Our goal is to create clients that become raving fans and are 100% satisfied with our services. We only hire the best professionals in the industry, but we understand that sometimes personalities or work styles may not match well. If you feel you would like a different Nurse Care Manager, no problem. Call our office at (801) 503-3200 and ask to speak with the General Manager.


Q: What is the process for filing a concern or complaint?

In the event you find our services unsatisfactory, we want to know about it.The only way we can fix the problem to your satisfaction is to clearly understand the concern and thoroughly investigate the situation. Please contact us immediately as we do not want you to continue with our services or cancel them due to a situation that we were not given an opportunity to rectify. You can speak directly with your Nurse Care Manager about your concern and if he/she is unable to fully satisfy your concern, please contact Homespire’s General Manager at (801) 503-3200. If you still feel that a resolution has not been reached, you have a right to notify the Utah Department of Health or the Office of the Ombudsman. Complete contact information is provided in your Start of Care binder that Homespire has provided for you. There will not be any form of retaliation as a result of the complaint or concern. Please be assured – we want your feedback before it becomes a problem.


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