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Our Approach

On the frontlines of home and senior care for more than twenty years, Homespire leaders witnessed the broad range of life challenges that people encounter beyond medical issues – identity, socialization, safety, purpose, memory, and finances. These factors are all part of who we are as humans, regardless of how life may change around us. Yet few models address them.

Recognizing that people are more than their diagnosis or physical condition, Homespire sought to fill those gaps with a premium in-home care service that addresses you and your loved ones as whole persons.


This shouldn’t be revolutionary, but in today’s health care world, it is.

That’s why the Homespire team developed their innovative approach. Find out more about the unique Homespire Experience™, the Nurse Care Managers who are at the heart of our model, and our 7 Elements of Wellbeing.

Homespire Experience

So how do we get results for you? We created the Homespire Experience™ – a Whole Person Senior Care™ process – to give you a personalized approach to living an independent life. Building your unique and individualized life plan starts by discovering the goals that enable you to live a healthy, happy, and long life…

lifespark Approach

7 Essential Elements of Wellbeing

While your health may be an important aspect of your wellbeing, it is just one component. Homespire identifies seven different elements that make up a person’s total wellbeing. These elements affect our daily lives and the ability to live magnificently, vibrantly. Is that too high a goal? Learn more about each of these elements and how they impact you.

Our Approach

Nurse Care Managers

Nurse Care Managers (NCM) are Homespire’s professional, registered nurses ready to give personal guidance through our Whole Person Senior Care™ system. Our NCMs aid seniors and their families through health challenges, life issues, and so much more…

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