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Results Matter

Our Whole Person Senior Care Results Speak For Themselves

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When you think about investing in in-home senior care, you should have some idea of the results you will get. How effective is this service in helping people achieve their goals? How is it working to keep seniors living as independently as possible? How does it make your money go further.

Those results are important to us, and we know they are important to you as well. That’s why Homespire is committed to transforming the industry by measuring outcomes. As one of the only private-pay providers in the nation measuring results, we track and measure client outcomes across all areas. Through this evidence-based method, we mark the vital difference in senior care between surviving and thriving.

  • Hospitalization Reduced by 56.8%

    The national average hospital cost for a Medicare member is roughly $12,200*. Homespire’s Whole Person Senior Care™ dramatically reduces hospitalization by 56.8%. Every hospital stay prevented not only saves you and your family money, it also protects your independence and wellbeing.

  • ER Visits Reduced by 47.8%

    The national average cost for ER visits for seniors is roughly $1,062**. Homespire’s Whole Person Senior Care™ is proven to reduce these visits. That translates into lower costs over time and fewer late-night crises.

  • Highest Client Satisfaction

    Our clients give Homespire one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the senior care industry. Homespire uses the nationally-known Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. This scoring system ranges from -100% to 100%. Scores nearing 50% are considered exceptional. Most companies score among the 5% and 10% range. However, Homespire’s model has consistently produced client satisfaction averages over 40%.

  • Highest Employee Retention & Engagement

    At Homespire we carefully select and choose the very best senior care team – and we keep them longer. We know consistency among our team produces better client experiences for you.

  • Nationally Recognized

    This model is setting new industry standards, filling gaps in community-support for seniors with unmatched results, and garnering increased local and national attention.

    • Highest Quality of Life

      Many providers talk about quality of life but few measure it. Using globally accepted tools like the PROMIS tool to measure quality of life, pain, social isolation, and connectedness, Homespire tracks the effectiveness of your Life Plan in achieving the goals that are important to your wellbeing and ability to live a sparked life.

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*Healthcare Cost & Utilization Project Statistical brief #181, by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
** Health United States 2012 – With Special Feature on Emergency Care, by Centers for Disease Control

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